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by Strategic HR Partners

Safety Program in the Workplace

Ensuring that the workplace is free from hazards is a key role in human resource management. HR’s responsibility in developing workplace safety programs includes risk management, training and assisting in the development of programs to reduce injuries, reducing workers’ compensation claims, and reducing accidents will all interest Human Resources in a strategic way.

The critical elements of an effective safety management program can include:

  • Management commitment:
    • A safety management program cannot be successful without the active support of senior management; support includes allocating resources to safety programs and demonstrating the organization’s commitment to safety.
  • Communication:
    • A communication strategy should be devised and implemented in a manner that supports the goals and objectives of the safety management program.
  • Employee involvement:
    • Experience has shown that a further basic requirement of any good safety and health program regardless of size or type of workplace is to ensure employee participation in the design and operation of the program. The plan may involve a number of different structures for achieving employee participation, for instance, a safety committee, designation of key employees for various functions, ad hoc working groups, or assignments within teams.
  • Work site analysis:
    • Work site analysis means the identification of hazards by conducting baseline work site surveys for safety and health.
  • Hazard prevention and control:
    • Hazard prevention and control procedures ensure that all current and potential hazards are corrected in a timely manner through engineering techniques where appropriate; that safe work practices are understood and followed by all parties; that personal protective equipment is provided; and that administrative controls, such as reducing the duration of exposure, are in place and followed.
  • Training for employees, supervisors and managers.

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