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by Strategic HR Partners

Discipline Employees

Because employee discipline is a difficult experience that managers and supervisors sometimes face, these guidelines are intended to review the most effective approach to managing performance and/or behavioral issues.

When it becomes necessary to discipline an employee, two principles apply:

  • First, the employee must be clearly informed by the supervisor as to the source of dissatisfaction;
  • Second, except in limited circumstances, the employee should be given the opportunity to correct the problem.

Progressive Discipline Procedure:

When you become aware of a problem, promptly speak to the employee, taking particular care to specify the deficiencies you wish to see corrected and how corrective action is to be undertaken. If, after a reasonable period of time, there is no improvement or insufficient improvement, write formally to the employee explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction with his or her conduct. If there continues to be an insufficient improvement, a suspension without pay for a short period of time is appropriate. You should specifically state, in a suspension letter, that the employee will be subject to further suspensions without pay or termination if there continues to be an insufficient improvement.

When it is apparent that a progressive disciplinary approach has failed and that the necessary change in behavior has not been achieved, you may decide to terminate the employee.

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