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Having access to a dedicated Human Resource consultant can be an enhancement to businesses of many sizes. Some companies in their early stages don’t require a full-blown HR department, but they do need assistance with more complex employee management and compliance procedures. That’s why a skilled and highly trained HR consultant or professional can make all the difference between a business owner being forced to devote precious time and energy to administrative HR functions or letting others handle these essential business functions and focusing instead on their own business.

Why You Need HR Help

Here are a few common scenarios in which enlisting the services of an on-site HR professional can positively impact operations:

  • Your business is still at the stage where you have to do everything yourself (and managing some HR-related tasks is simply consuming too much time and effort).
  • Your business is growing, but you’re not yet in need of an experienced, full-time HR person.
  • You can’t afford to pay for an HR person on staff.

Professional HR services support is often the ideal solution to a business’s pressing human resource management needs.

What a Dedicated HR Professional Can Do

A dedicated HR representative can work with you and your team to provide hands-on guidance throughout the employment cycle. In the critically important area of regulatory compliance, for example, this individual works with you and consults on applicable compliance requirements so you can make sure your employment and safety practices adhere to federal, state, and local laws, as well as the requirements of numerous agencies — including, but not limited to, the Employment Equal Opportunity Commission to the Department of Labor.

Assistance can also be provided in:

  • Problem resolution of employee issues and management.
  • Employee benefits (it’s so much more than orientation).
  • On-site HR training sessions for your managers and employees.
  • Guidance with selection of policies to develop your employee handbook.
  • Ensuring workplace safety.
  • Designing workflow and staffing analyses.
  • Assistance with all facets of the employment life cycle, from interviewing and hiring to employee discipline and termination.

Outsourcing HR functions is no longer reserved solely for large companies. Having access to dedicated HR services support that is both scalable and cost-effective can help small businesses as well.

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