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Nevada Wage Payment Laws

An employer must pay wages two (2) times per month (semi-monthly), unless otherwise exempt.

An employer must establish and maintain regular paydays and must post and maintain posted notices, printed in plain type or written in plain script, in at least two (2) conspicuous places where such notices can be seen by the employees.

An employer may pay employees by:

  • cash
  • check redeemable at face value with deduction or fee
  • any other manner agreed to by the employee

An employer can pay employees by direct deposit, if:

  • The employee can obtain immediate payment in full;
  • The employee receives at least one free transaction per pay period and any fees or other charges are prominently disclosed to and subject to the written consent of the employee;
  • The location of payment is easily and readily accessible to the employee

When an employer discharges or lays off an employee, the employer must pay the employee all wages due immediately.

When an employee quits, the employer must pay the employee all wages due on the earlier of:

  • the day on which he or she would have regularly been paid the wages or compensation; or
  • seven (7) days after he resigns or quits

An employer must establish and maintain for at least 2 years records of wages for the benefit of his employees, showing for each pay period the following information for each employee:

  • Gross wage or salary other than compensation in the form of:
    • services; or
    • food, housing or clothing.
  • Deductions.
  • Net cash wage or salary.
  • Total hours employed in the pay period by noting the number of hours per day.
  • Date of payment.


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