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by Strategic HR Partners

hr optimization steps

1. HR Strategy
The first step to optimizing HR is to ensure your agency’s HR strategy is aligned with your agency’s strategy. Only by clearly understanding your agency’s mission and strategy can you properly put into place your HR strategy, which should include your vision for the HR function.

2. HR Technology
The HR technology you use to achieve your objectives needs to align with your workflow, processes and policies in order to work towards optimization. Today’s best modern HR technology adapts to the way your agency operates, not the other way around, so you can then work on improving workflow, eliminating bottlenecks and achieving new efficiencies.

3. HR Service Delivery
HR departments need to fully understand their agencies’ and employees’ needs and priorities, and can then focus on improving HR service delivery as part of their optimization strategies. With this understanding, HR can look to improve services, reduce costs, consolidate systems, provide better control, align services with strategy and focus on continuous business process improvements.

4. HR Process Optimization
An agency’s HR organization provides key services as it strives for workforce efficiency and optimization of employee performance. This optimization encompasses a broad spectrum of activities from locating and attracting new hires to the act of hiring and then engaging and developing employees to ensure their wishes and career goals are aligned with the agency’s mission and goals.

5. People Analytics
At the heart of HR optimization are people analytics, the foundation which sheds light on inefficiencies, highlights opportunities for process improvements and shows a path forward for HR optimization. Data can be used to optimize workforce planning, staffing and onboarding efforts, performance and engagement priorities, and employee development programs. Analytics can provide insight on how and where to reduce administrative work for HR resources and others in the agency, and to measure HR operational metrics.


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