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by Strategic HR Partners

HR Audits What’s in it for you

Human Resource audits are imperative for your organization, as they are crucial in identifying business and regulatory gaps. This is helpful to you and your organization as it should always result in your participation in strategic planning. An HR audit is the process of examination into your organizations best practices and management of policies and principles, which is usually executed by your HR department. It is intended to identify the need and scope of improvement in the HR functions of your organization. Due to various reasons it may not be possible for you to carry out an HR audit in house. In such cases, you can depend on Strategic HR Partners (SHRP) to guide you through the process and lay out the solution that best fits your organization. Not convinced yet? Lets dive into a few types of audits that are essential:

I-9 and Records Audit: It is vital that employee records are maintained and retained according to local and federal guidelines. However, with the day-to-day hustle and bustle of your business, this can easily become something you place on the back burner. A few things SHRP looks at are the following:
1. Are employee files being maintained in an accurate and consistent manner?
2. Are employee forms filed according to state and federal law?
3. Are terminated employee forms and files being retained in a manner consistent with policies and regulations?

Payroll audit: With an ever-changing economy, SHRP is always on the look out for legislative changes in regards to everything payroll. From ensuring your organization is paying accurate minimum wages and equal pay to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and measuring overtime pay, we are dedicated to tracking and implementing required updates and changes.

Interested in learning about what other audits are of greatest impact to your organization? Send us an email or call us at (775) 722-0514


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