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by Strategic HR Partners

Immigration Laws

For HR practitioners who deal with employment-based immigration, these are anxious times. On the one hand, there is widespread agreement that our immigration system is in need of reform.  On the other, it is not clear the changes now being made will contribute to a 21st century workplace that is innovative, fair, and competitive.

These tips are here to help you stay ahead of the changes and provide the best service in the changing times:

  • Survey Your Landscape
    • Do you have new hires who will need visas or employees on temporary work permits that will need to be renewed?
    • Do these employees have ties to countries of concern or are their visas on the chopping block for reform?
    • When tracking these issues, take care that you do not inadvertently run afoul of laws against national origin or citizenship discrimination.
  • Pay Attention to the Details
    • One of the biggest issues immigration and HR professionals are facing in the short term is the risk of enhanced scrutiny of our compliance practices.
    • The routine paperwork that you all touch–such as filling out I-9s on all employees or double checking application information for each visa filing (H-1B or PERM applications, for example)–could make the difference between success or failure for you and your organization.
    • Ensure your foreign employees have not taken on additional duties or moved to locations not approved on their original applications.
  • Stay Connected
    • Around the country–indeed, around the globe–there are thousands of your peers who are facing the same challenges you face. Connect with them to learn from their experiences, share your own or just vent a little.
    • By staying alert you can prepare for what’s ahead.

For more information, visit: SHRM – “Viewpoint: Immigration and You”


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