by Strategic HR Partners


by Strategic HR Partners

5 Tips for Effective Onboarding

1. Start the Onboarding Process Before Day One

One of the most important steps a company can take when executing an onboarding program is to begin the process prior to the new hire’s start date.  In addition to saving time on their first day, starting the onboarding program before day one gives the new hire a head start on completing company paperwork and reading up on key documents, enabling them to be more prepared and engaged when they finally begin their new role.

2. Make It Personal

When designing an onboarding program, add personal elements specific to the new hire’s department and job responsibilities, such as individual goals to achieve or certain departmental procedures related to their position.  By adding these personal touches into the mix, the overall onboarding experience is enhanced and the new employee will feel more prepared and engaged compared to utilizing a more standard format.

3. Reinforce Employment Brand and Company Culture

Communicating your employment brand and company culture is another crucial step in successful onboarding programs, which allows your new hire to learn and integrate to the norms and values of the company and ensures a smooth transition into their new role.

4. Keep It Fun and Engaging

It is very important to keep the onboarding process fun and engaging, which will help to ensure that information is retained and new hires are paying attention and learning. By making it interactive and encouraging participation, employers can also gain an understanding of how the new employee communicates and engages with other staff, which can then be used to determine specific projects to assign or the possibility of a promotion down the road.

5. Assign a Mentor

Finally, assign a company mentor to act as a resource for the new employee, preferably from outside of their department.  This helps them to further develop interpersonal relationships and gives them a different perspective on the various components of the organization and how they work collectively to achieve success.  Additionally, the new employee may feel uncomfortable asking certain questions to their direct manager or department members, so having an additional resource available can go a long way in helping to make them feel at ease and ready to perform.


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