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by Strategic HR Partners

2016 Employee Relations Trends

As 2016 comes to an end, we take a look back on some trends that highlighted the year. A controversial and changing year it was, these trends set to make a difference in preparing for 2017 as well. New technology and an election cycle like never before helped contribute to the following:

Breaking the News: When Workers Lose Their Exempt Status

If President-elect Donald Trump’s Department of Labor decides to put the new overtime rule into effect, it won’t be a picnic telling a worker who has long been salaried, never had to punch a timecard and often worked after hours that all that’s going to change.

Reclassified Workers Have Mixed Reactions to New FLSA Overtime Regulations

For those employees whose exempt status was changed as a result of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA’s) new overtime rule, how they took the news depended on how they were told, and on how hours, pay and timekeeping were structured.

Should Workers Over 40 have Four-Day Weekends?

If new research suggests that cutting the hours of older workers could boost productivity—and a company’s bottom line—should employers take heed?

Companies Rethink the Annual Pay Raise

if this becomes common, the change could either redefine rewards systems in a way that motivates employees and attracts high-quality candidates—or it could prove to be a demoralizing switch that leaves many workers’ wages lagging behind the cost of living.

Honorable Mention:

  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Use of Performance Reviews
  • Changes to the Form I-9
  • New Topics to Add to Employee Handbook

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