by Strategic HR Partners


by Strategic HR Partners

10 HR Trends You Will See In 2017
  1. Recruiting will be data driven: Instead of relying largely on applicants’ honesty and references, HR personnel can access all of the data almost instantly online. This allows leaders to be more strategic in their hiring decisions, while also helping them to be more efficient and better able to understand the current and future markets.
  2. Relationships instead of programs: HR will continue to focus on building relationships instead of using programs to better understand the business.
  3. Keep employee skills up to date: In the future HR personnel will be looking more closely at the different skills individual employees already have and find ways that this can be turned into more cost effective in house training.
  4. A new priority will be company culture and employee engagement: Since it is necessary to stay ahead of local and global competition businesses are embracing one common theme, Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement are crucial and they are connected. Once this is accomplished the benefits will help the company succeed in the future.
  5. Improve employees’ experience: In the future HR personnel should look towards streamlining this process for employees so companies are better able to retain their employees, and keep them engaged.
  6. Focus should be centered on resilience and well-being: The future is slated to bring about changes both social and economic and employees need to be resilient to meet all of these challenges. When they have the support that they need, these employees are more likely to stay engaged and remain productive members of the company.
  7. Work on developing the human side of your business: Companies will need to encourage employees to connect with each other through conversation and not be afraid to experiment.
  8. Analyzing big data!
  9. Business consolidation: While HR departments will continue to become more effective and be able to be paired effectively with data companies will still be faced with the challenges Generation Y presents, which includes how to make your company look the most attractive to them. Since this generation represents the future workforce it will soon become critical for business to retain them in order to continue to succeed.
  10. Change how workplace performance is reviewed: Many businesses have already taken an important step and removed performance grading and ratings from their reviews, instead relying on comments and discussions, when possible, with employees.


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