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by Strategic HR Partners


Categories: Creative, Design, Web Design

by Strategic HR Partners


When was the last time you had an independent audit of your I-9’s?

Strategic HR Partners frequently conducts audits for our clients and we have compiled a list of the top five mistakes we find with I-9’s

  1. Corrections: Often times when people make a correction they do it wrong. There are strict rules regarding how to make a correction to the document and they are often not used.
  2. Signatures: Whether it’s the employee, preparer, or the company representative, someone often forgets to sign their name.
  3. Dates: Leaving out dates of signatures, dates of expiration, or dates of hire is very common.
  4. Indication of Citizenship or Immigration Status: This involves checking a box and sometimes writing a document number, but it is often forgotten
  5. Document Numbers: Many times we find that someone transposed a number when copying it from the  identification documents to the I-9.

Even if you think your files are perfect there are probably mistakes which add up to high penalties. Having independent audits shows a good faith effort which can often help reduce the amounts of these fines.

To learn more about Form I-9 or how you can minimize your risk visit our page or contact us today for a free consultation.

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