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Non-Exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay while exempt employees are not. There are several rules to help you determine if an employee is exempt. The salary test, the salary basis test, and the duties test. To learn more about these tests please read about the FLSA.

Under Federal Law:

All non-exempt employees are to be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours in one week.

Under Nevada Law:

Non-exempt employees are paid overtime for time after eight hours within a twenty-four hour period if they make less than one and a half times the minimum wage.

Under Nevada Law:

  1. An employer shall not employ an employee for a continuous period of 8 hours without permitting the employee to have a meal period of at least one-half hour. No period of less than 30 minutes interrupts a continuous period of work for the purposes of this subsection.
  2. Every employer shall authorize and permit all his or her employees to take rest periods, which, insofar as practicable, shall be in the middle of each work period. The duration of the rest periods shall be based on the total hours worked daily at the rate of 10 minutes for each 4 hours or major fraction thereof. Rest periods need not be authorized however for employees whose total daily work time is less than 3 and one-half hours. Authorized rest period shall be counted as hours worked, for which there shall be no deduction from wages.

Employment-at-will means that an employer can terminate employment for any reason at any time. Notice is not necessary unless the termination is large enough to be covered under WARN.

Right to work means that an employee has the right to work without having to become part of a labor organization. Employees cannot be terminated for not joining.

Time away from work is required for:

  • Jury Duty
  • Court Appearances
  • Military Service
  • Voting in Elections
  • School Visitation

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