Have you had a change in personnel?

Change in employees can have a significant impact on your HR function. We start by examining from the ground up with our HR Review package. Our consultants conduct a thorough discovery process and needs analysis, which results in a comprehensive report of findings.

Facts and Statistics

Department of Labor concluded that almost 70% of all businesses in the US are in violation of an existing statute.

FLSA violations are the government’s number one enforcement target.

I-9 penalties range from $110 – $16,000.

The average number of claims filed each day by disgruntled employees is 1,486. These claims are on the basis of wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination claims.

Government investigators are no longer specialized and can cross into other areas of expertise.

There are 50 percent more federal wage and hour investigators now than in 2008.

Common Issues

Employee handbook is outdated

Employee paperwork in not complete

I-9’s are not accurate

Employee records are retained for too long

Employee attendance is poor

The company has vacant positions

Time to hire is very long

Turnover is excessive

Employees are not being trained

Employees are misclassified

Overtime is not paid correctly

Unemployment claims are never denied

Promotional opportunities are lacking

The Bottom Line

We will work from our local offices and will meet with you as much as requested. No need to create extra office space for human resources.

We can augment your current staffing.

We are contracted out, and paid as an independent contractor, therefore you will not need to pay additional taxes and requirements that you would need to with a salaried or hourly employee.

Our efficiency will save your business money.

If you currently have an HR opening, we will save you the time and money of hiring and training a new person for your office.

We carry Errors and Omissions Coverage, so if we make a mistake we have the project covered!

In this dangerous environment, all employers must be able to fully understand and implement these complicated and confusing regulations. An organization’s best defense against the potential expense of litigation is to proactively review its Human Resource policies, procedures, compensation practices and other functions.

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