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Written Workplace Safety Programs

Do you have a written workplace safety program?   Who must create one? In Nevada all employers who have 11 or more employees have to develop a written workplace safety program. Employers who manufacture explosives are also required to have a written workplace safety program even if they do not have 11 employees. What is [...]

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Planning Strategically

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Sexual Harassment & Anti-Bullying

Are you required to provide sexual harassment or anti-bullying training? You might be Should you? Yes!   Nevada Nevada does not require private employers to provide such training, but it is highly encouraged. Training will lead to a fewer number of instances in the workplace which can increase moral as well as lead to other things like fewer [...]

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Top 5 Form I-9 Mistakes

When was the last time you had an independent audit of your I-9's? Strategic HR Partners frequently conducts audits for our clients and we have compiled a list of the top five mistakes we find with I-9's    1. Corrections Often times when people make a correction they do it wrong. There are strict rules regarding how [...]

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Employment Posters

Does your organization display the current posters as required by law? The United States Department of Labor as well as the State of Nevada require posters to be displayed in areas where employees will see them. A few of the required posters are: Nevada: Payday Notice Workers Compensation Minimum Wage Daily overtime Department [...]

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Changes to OSHA Recordkeeping

Beginning with every new year there are changes in compliance that employers need to be aware of. One of the more common changes is using the new W4 form. However, this year there are also two changes to OSHA recordkeeping requirements. The first change is to the list of exempt industries. This list is periodically [...]

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